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If you enter politics, stick to the values, Devendra Fadnavis told the youth

The former Chief Minister has said that today's youth should follow their values ​​and morals firmly while entering politics.

Nagpur: Leader of the opposition in the state assembly, whose name is Devendra Fadnavis, has said that if the youth want to solve these issues of governance, then they can join politics. He has also said that our youth have a lot of problems with the administration, but to solve all these problems, they are very much hesitant to join politics. Being a part of this system is the only way to solve all these issues.

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The former Chief Minister has said that today’s youth should follow their values ​​and morals firmly while entering politics. So that malpractices like corruption can be completely eliminated. And also protect democracy.

The dignitaries were introduced by Amruta Indurkar and then Vande Mataram was felicitated and sung.

Purpose of this Student Parliament

Vishnu Changde, a member of the NU Management Council and the chairman of the organizing committee, while giving an introductory speech, said that there is a lot of disregard and misunderstanding among the youth for the leaders in politics. The biggest objective of this student parliament is to give every youth an imitation of the legislative process. And every single misconception has to be completely removed.

Amitesh Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Chief Guest of the program, was present along with Vice Chancellor Subhash Chaudhari. And on this occasion MLC Abhijeet Wanjari, pro-vice-chancellor Sanjay Dudhe, senate member Tarzan Gaikwad, MLA Ashish Jaiswal, Registrar Raju Hivase and Organizing Secretary Abhay Mugdal were also present there.

Sanjay has said that ‘385 applications were also received and out of them, about 111 were selected for the students’ parliament. We put the utmost emphasis on encouraging the participation of the maximum number of girls. About 70 girls are also participants in it.

Amitesh Kumar highly praised the organizers and then emphasized that the debate on topics like Internet Security Protocol and Uniform Civil Code brought out the logical opinion of the students with excellent oratory skills.

The program ended with the national anthem.

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