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Fully vaccinated people can visit government offices, travel in Aapli Bus: NMC

All the employees of educational institutions like coaching classes, training institutes, schools, colleges, etc. have to take both doses of covid vaccine.

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will allow only those people who have taken both doses of the coronavirus vaccine in government offices from Tuesday.

government offices

Under the guidelines of break the chain, the municipal commissioner named Radhakrishnan B has issued a new order on Monday. 2 doses of covid have been made very much mandatory for the employees of various establishments and all the citizens coming to every single government office.

All the employees of many educational institutions like coaching classes, training institutes, schools, colleges, etc. have to take both doses of covid vaccine. Double covid vaccination is mandatory for 18 citizens traveling by autorickshaw, aapli bus or any other means of public transport.

Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan B said, “Covid-19 one dose is required in many places. This order will come into effect from the date of November 9. NMC will also conduct surprise inspections at every place. Or if irregularities are found, punitive action will also be taken.”

Both doses will be mandatory

According to the order received from the NMC, the employees and management working at each of the religious places and the citizens visiting all such places should complete 2 doses of covid vaccine.

It will be necessary to display the vaccination certificate and photo identity card at the entrance. Every citizen who participates in meetings, religious processions, social events, conferences, and festivals It will be necessary to complete two doses of covid and also have to carry covid vaccination certificate, The civic chief said in a press release.

2 or at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to all officers, employees working in semi-government, private offices and government offices, similar organizations, every single visitor above the age of 18 to all such places would be required.

All citizens who are above 18 years of age and visiting lawns, study rooms, marriage halls, parks, libraries, and all public places must have at least 1 covid dose.

The employees and owners of all the shops in the markets will also have completed both doses of covid. And along with this, NMC has also asked for at least 1 dose of covid for the hawkers. And the same conditions will have to be applied for people working on all construction sites.

Both doses of covid will be mandatory for all persons working in semi-government, government, and private health institutions.

It will be mandatory to show the vaccination certificate of covid along with the photo identity card as per the order at all the places. All girls and boys under the age of 18 must also show proper proof of their age.

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