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Inability to identify precious stones, diamonds worth Rs 8.5 lakh thrown by 3 interstate thieves

According to the police, the thieves must have thought that the stones studded with gold ornaments were fake.

Nagpur: Diamonds worth about Rs 8.5 lakh were thrown away by 3 inter-state thieves after the precious stones could not be identified. This incident came to the fore when in the last week, the Government Railway Police (GRP) caught the thieves, who had stolen a lot in moving trains.

thrown away thieves

According to the police, the thieves must have thought that the stones studded with gold ornaments were fake. The police have said that they broke it with stones and iron rods before throwing them away.

The police have said that the thieves allegedly stole the purses of two women passengers on board the Howrah-Mumbai Gitanjali Express near Gondia railway station on August 10. Investigating officer and PSI Pravin Bhimte has said that a purse contained gold ornaments worth about Rs 19 lakh. The second stolen purse contained valuables up to Rs 1 lakh.

Special Team was Formed

The thieves fled after this strike. Both the cases of this theft are registered in Gondia police station.

Pravin Bhimte has also said that a special team was formed after the increase in cases of thefts in trains between Kolkata and Nagpur. During the screening of reservation charts and CCTV footage, the team led by Pravin Bhimte found three passengers from Nagaon in Assam traveling in the train at the time of the theft.

After this, the police officers showed CCTV footage of various railway stations including Gondia, Nagpur, and Durg. A team went to Assam and then took into custody the three thieves, who have been identified as (26) Nayanmuni Medhi, his younger brother (22) Dipjyoti Medhi, and (28) Sanju Rai.

Pravin has said that he first melted the stolen gold ornaments and then melted them and sold them to a goldsmith there. During interrogation, it has come to know that those thieves were not aware that diamonds are embedded in those ornaments, so those thieves threw them away. The police have recovered the stolen gold up to Rs 10.60 lakh from the three thieves.

Pravin has also said that at present, they are under PCR of this Nagpur Railway Police for 4 more days.

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