Keshav Malhotra Actor, Singer & Music Composer Released 1st Official Music Video Single “Teri Aankhen” Crossed above 1M Views on YouTube

Keshav Malhotra a new Name in the Showbiz Industry, A Breeze of fresh young good looking talent, he is in news because of his 1st Single named Music Album “ Teri Aankhen “ a Song he wrote, sang, composed, featured in & had all the ideas ready in his mind of how the song has to be picturised, making the Director’s job very easy while shooting the video. Not only this, when Keshav went along with the video’s Casting Director to finalize the Actress Reem Shaikh as his love interest in the video, she was all game when she heard the song & the story line Keshav had in mind which he impromptu explained enacted to the actress. She immediately loved the innocent vibe of the song the simple connectable lyrics & the mood of the song, she gave a onspot nod to the song.

When was the last we heard of such a talent who could Sing, Write, Act, Compose, has the whole Direction story ready in his head, such a talent reminds us of the yester years talent Legend Lt. Sh. Kishore Kumar who was also all in all in himself.

Keshav Malhotra is a whole package we can say who has his mind all clear as to what he wants what he can deliver & is talented enough to carry all that out in a mature way. In today’s time all Actors whether they are from the Film world or TV industry have a particular kind of know how & are certainly good at that what they know. There seems to be a scarcity of a whole package talent in todays times, Actors do lack a Comprehensive outlook approach / skill. In such times when we see a comprehensive bunch of all art put together we surely want to give a pat at the back & wish them luck for Stardom as it seems surely deserving. So here is presenting our pick for the day Keshav Malhotra with his 1st Single Video “ Teri Aankhen “ music is surely his 1st love but loves to act in front of the Camera & believes in Natural Expressions & Acting. His Music video is a good way to see his talent as a Singer & Actor. The Song & Video was launched on 1st November at Kyro Lounge & Bar and was a Media studded affair. The song has already crossed above1 Million views on YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/c/KeshavMalhotra & is getting good attention on Social Media. Wishing Keshav Malhotra all the luck for his future Acting & Music aspirations.

Song :-“ Teri Aakhen “
Feat.:- Keshav Malhotra & Reem Shaikh
Lryics Composer :- Keshav Malhotra
Male Singer Keshav Malhotra & Female Singer Neha Malhotra
Editing & Direction Ebrahim & Yusuf Kapadia / DOP Sanish Jairaj
Produced by Artbaaz / Casting Karan Kapoor / Music Arranger Yash Pithadia


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