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Man Arrested Duping local resident for supplying masks of 81k

In the recent times, we see the sudden surge in the use of face masks and other similar things in our society. This has led to the arrest of a fraudster who cheated the local citizen called Shrish Prabhakar of Nagpur. He was cheated with the amount of around 81,376 on the pretext of supplying the local resident the N-95 face masks via online transaction. The man met online at Facebook was seen to have cheated the local resident of Shilpa Society Narendra Nagar. 

Once he transferred the same amount for getting the N -95 masks online, he did not get anything from the man. The man from the said case was arrested from Flat No208(A), Jairam Apartment, Wakipada, Naygaon, Paldhar, as the police tracked him down Loke on his mobile phone. He was seen giving the order of 500 masks and for the same he transferred INR 81,376 to the account of the man called Loke on May 4, 2020 who later turned into a fraudster. 

As per the reports of the Nagpur Live, Jog was seen realising the fraud when this man called Loke was stopping to respond to the phone calls. He then was seen approaching the police and then lodged a complaint against the issue. With this, the man was arrested under the Section 420 of IPC as per the case registered by Beltarodi Police. Stay tuned to know more about him and others only with us.

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