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Nagpur Mayor Spills the Beans on Another Lockdown in city


As the NMC chief Mr Tukaram Mundhe was seen hinting at yet another lockdown in the city, it has raised the eyebrows of many including the city mayor Mr. Sandeep Joshi as well. All thanks to the increasing number of cases in Nagpur. Also, the NMC chief said if people continue to violate the guidelines as set by the civic body, they are likely to take yet another decision about the lockdown in the city. The NMC is planning to have yet another lockdown in the city. 

Although the city mayor has given his consent to the idea of having yet another lockdown in the city, he was seen saying with a caveat stating that public rep should be first taken into confidence about the desired effects on the same. As per reports, the constant loathing on part of the people having the mask on their faces while being at the public places and disregard to the social distancing can justify yet another lockdown in the city. 

While spilling the beans on this issue, the mayor said it can be a welcome step but at the same time there is a need to discuss about the same to the public representative of every group in the city. He further said that it will hurt and hamper the daily wage workers and labours a lot as they will lose work. He said the NMC and the Mayor would carry out a joint survey in most parts of the areas and then decide upon the requirements. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. 

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