Mohammed Azharuddin MAU.Azhar – The upcoming Bollywood stars

Mohammed Azharuddin MAU.Azhar
Mohammed Azharuddin MAU.Azhar

Hyderabad: Azhar is a famous Instagram influencer, who has already garnered a fan base of more than 60k followers at a very young age, Isn’t it crazy! Just like any other middle-class background boy, he has gone through a lot of struggle to reach the position where he is today.

Mohammed Azharuddin uploaded his first post on Instagram in 2017 and by September 2018, he had 50k followers. What is this rabid fan following? It sure must be giving MAU.Azhar a different high in his work.
He pursuing his studies from the Business College of India. The grown-up in the Arab and now became a star on the Internet. His parents always told him to keep the focus on studies first, but little did they know that their son was already a sensation on the Internet.

MAU. Azhar who is currently all over the internet for his famous Instagram content is all set to make debut in new music videos and B-town. When asked about his upcoming projects he did not reveal much but he said many big things are lined up, and he will reveal all the projects soon.

According to sources Azhar has signed one music video that will be released by the end of 2020. He already had started trending on the internet because of his youtube, but his life changed with Instagram. He began making content and uploaded them and there he was, already a star!

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