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More than 11k helmetless riders faced suspension of driving license

Traffic police of 10 zones have punished about 11,463 two-wheeler riders for driving without wearing a helmet.

Nagpur: Around 11,463 two-wheeler riders will face suspension of driving license for 3 months. The traffic police of this city have started collecting the increased fines for traffic offenses across the city from the date of 12th December.

suspension driving license

A senior traffic police official has told that from the date of 12 to 19 December, the traffic police of all the 10 zones have punished about 11,463 two-wheeler riders for driving without wearing a helmet. DCP (Traffic) Sarang Awad has implemented the amended Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 with effect from the date of 12th December.

The number of fines for those violating the helmet rule as well as about 32 other traffic violations has been revised by the Home Department, Which has implemented the amended Act.

Till date (from December 12 to December 19), the police in about 10 zones have punished about 17,768 violators and collected fines of more than Rs 23.41 lakh from the violators.

Sarang has said that the intention of the traffic police is to implement this increased fine to inculcate discipline and responsible driving habits in the drivers of the vehicle, Due to which the accidents on the road are reduced.

Heavy fine also imposed

He has also said that the government has amended the fine by introducing the classification of very high-speed vehicles. Earlier the penalty for very speeding vehicles was the same. Currently, there is a fine of around Rs 1,000 for driving more than the permissible speed limit for 2 and 3 wheelers, While it is around Rs 1,500 for a tractor, It is around Rs 2,000 for LMV and around Rs 4,000 for other vehicles including trucks.

Driving a vehicle at a very high speed has proved costly for about 468 people in the city. The data compiled by the office of the DCP (Traffic) also revealed that the traffic police have imposed fines ranging from around Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,000 on violators.

Heavy fines have also been collected from around 216 motorists for having fancy number plates on their vehicles. Against the earlier fine of around Rs 200, the traffic police have started imposing a fine of around Rs 1,000.

The data also revealed that a total of 128 motorists were found driving the vehicle without a valid driving license. Under the amended Act, a fine of Rs 5,000 each has been recovered from the violators of traffic under Section 181 of the Act.

The use of mobile phones while driving a vehicle has been classified under the act of dangerous driving. A total of 21 motorists were punished for this offence.

Senior PI (Traffic) Jagvendrasingh Rajput has said that proposals for suspension of driving licenses of violators will be sent to the RTO at the end of every month.

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