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Nagpur Municipal Corporation Collects 46.60 L for Plastic Ban in City

As the nation bans the use of plastic in the country, the city authorities have taken this diktat very seriously. From the 2nd October, the ban on plastics has been implemented. Although it may be a difficult affair for many to digest, yet it would have many added benefits to reap in the coming times in terms of saving our environment in a big way. The city authorities from the NMC have been strict on this with the initial orders only.

The shopkeepers and vendors found with the plastic bags and similar things have been penalized heavily for obvious reasons. In our state, the ban was made effective on 23rd June last year and to date the NMC has collected handsome money as fine from the vendors and shopkeepers for having plastic bags. So far the NMC was able to collect not less than 46.60 L as fine from people who were still illegally using the plastic in the city.

The NMC has a special squad for nabbing the people relying on the illegal use of plastic in the city called Nuisance Detection Squad. The squad has reported more than 930 cases in the city and has checked more than 26,500 shops, commercial spaces, vendors and other similar places to catch the illegal use of plastics in their premises. They were also able to siece around 16,000 kgs of plastic material since past 15 months in the city ever since the ban was effective in Nagpur. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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