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Nagpur Police Using Drones to Catch Aerial Pictures

Nagpur Police Using Drones to Catch Aerial Pictures

Currently as we see the city is under lockdown amid the COVID 19 outbreak, the City Police is leaving no stone unturned to keep everyone inside their homes. To keep the deadly virus at bay, we see the City Police actively moving around and keeping people away from the hotpot areas and others to stop the spread of the virus in the city. Now, in their latest efforts to keep the situation tight and under control, the City Police now is relying on the use of drones.

As per reports, the Nagpur Police have kept people under the vigil with the use of drones in the city. They have started using the same from Monday in order to keep the situation under control. The use of drone cameras have taken to the right step from following the successful demo of the flying machine at Variety square. Now, they are keeping the drone active in various areas to keep a vigil on the people who have been moving on the terrace especially the big societies and flats. 

As per reports, teh Police is doing all these these things in teh wake of COVID 19 virus spread and help in their patrolling work in the city to keep an eye over every nook and corner of the city. The Corona Warriors are seen working tirelessly to keep the keep the virus away from the city and with the flow of people without following norms like social distancing have made things bad to worse. As per the City Police Commissioner, Dr.Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay, this is an attempt to create awareness and keep the people inside in the lockdown.

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