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Nagpur Registers Lowest Number of Cases for COVID 19

Although we see the state of Maharashtra to be among the most developed in the country, yet it has remained the most affected with the COVID 19 pandemic. Mumbai and Pune have remained in the red zones since their early days with maximum number of cases in the country. The state has witnessed 23,264 positive cases, while it has recorded around 731 deaths in the state. However, the good news, is that Nagpur city has remained on the lower side when it comes to the number of cases in the city. 

The city so far has recorded few deaths for the virus, while comparing the rest of the 40 cities of the country. The region of Vidarbha has recorded the lowest number of cases with few deaths. So far, the Nagpur region has only recorded 15 death cases in the city for the virus while the highest number of deaths in Akola division was recorded with 101, which is highest in the region. While in Thane division was recorded as 4500 death tops, while in Mumbai it was recorded with 3500 deaths. 

Pune on the other side has recorded as 811 deaths followed by Nashik Mandal which seems far behind when it comes to the deaths caused due to coronavirus. Talking about the death toll in Malegaon and Aurangabad, these places have recorded 397 and 190 deaths followed by other places like Akola, Yavatmal, Buldhana and Amravati. Togehter in all the divisions in Vidarbha, the number of deaths in the region have been recorded as 101 which is the lowest in the state.

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