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SCZCC to Start Online class ‘Art of Anchoring’

We know South Central Zone Cultural Centre is a popular body for organizing various cultural fests and events in the city. As per the latest buzz, the SCZCC  is now organising the three-day online teaching and training class under the tag- ‘Art of Anchoring’. The session is going to start from today i.e. from June 24 and will end by 26th of June at 4.30 pm. The session is going to be dealt by Dr Manoj Salpekar, who is the known corporate trainer in India. He is also a career counsellor and psychometric analyst along with being a national-level show anchor and speaker faculty at many places.

As per the Nagpur Live reports, the online program is going to be aired on the SCZCC social media pages like Facebook Live, Twitter and Instagram Live as well. You can join the classes by clicking the following links given below: or 

www/ Nagpur/

The subjects covered in the session include anchoring and its importance, facing stage fear, effective communication skills,  body language,  verbal and non-verbal communication,the dos and don’ts of anchoring, and voice modulation to name a few. However, in order to participate, you need to first register yourself on 79187051395?pwd=cDhSckd HRThNNDJlVitjNTVQUllXU T09.

we know how a number of cultural programs and festivals are being organised on a regular basis by the group. However, with the COVID 19 still on record, we see things getting messed up allowing the group to organise online classes for the same. Stay tuned to know more about the session and SCZCC other programs only with us.

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