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Nagpur Police Launches Special Drive Against Bikes with Modified Silencer

Of late, the Nagpur Traffic Police have become active in nailing the people who have been violating the rules while running over the roads in the city. In the recent buzz, the city has launched a special drive in the city to nab people against the bikes with modified silencers and fancy number plates. The city police have nabbed all the two wheeler owners to nab around 50 bikes who have replaced the silencer using the illegal and banner silencers along with 86 two wheeler with fancy plates. 

The Nagpur Traffic Police were quick to update this news on their social media accounts. They have tweeted about the same informing that they have launched a campaign against the bikes and two wheeler. Well, you can check the tweet as under: 

Earlier, we had reported how the city police have nabbed bikes for using illegal silencers. So, if you are riding a bike or any other two wheeler with fancy name plates or with modified silencers, you can think of using the same then better avoid it or you get to face the music. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, till then if you have anything to share about this news, do comment below and let us know your views as well.

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