New Drama of Arfin Xunayed and Salman Muqtadir “Struggle” Is Similar To A Puzzle

Trying to make a little money from working in highly competitive sectors while maintaining family and loved ones and dealing with emotional, physical, or financial stress most of the time is an everyday situation for youths from middle and lower-class families. The situations they go through every day are perplexing. How these juveniles will end up after struggling is puzzling. No one knows the real answer.

A new drama written by Rayhan Rony tells us about these struggles through two young characters, Fahim and Sifat. At the end of the drama, one of the lead characters wins in life’s race while the other one suffers. Director Shamim Ahsan tried to show us all the thrilling moments of this drama with two rising showbiz stars, Arfin Xunayed and Salman Muqtadir.

You will also get to see Munira Mithu, Ishana Adrija, Fajita Riya, Afrin Raisa, Asma Sheuly, Arzuman Ara Bokul, and many more, along with the lead actors. Different shooting locations such as Diyabari, Beribadh, Apon Ghor 1, Mehrab shooting house made the scenes special, and the cinematographer, Eyasin Bin Arian, beautifully captured the best shots to make the drama catchier.

The overall work wasn’t easy though; everyone struggled and worked hard to give their best to make “Struggle.” Arfin has acted in a few dramas already and Salman’s being an infamous influencer to today’s viewers made this drama ever more special. You will get to hear a beautiful song in this drama that was written by the director himself!

Get ready for an emotional roller-coaster ride when you get to watch this drama. This drama can teach the youth how things should be handled and that they are not alone in their struggles. They need to work hard towards their goals.

All the people associated with making “Struggle” are also big influencers of today’s generation. Seeing how teamwork and individual hard work are making beautiful pieces of art that remain in the hearts of the viewers inspires a lot of enthusiastic youngsters to go towards their passion. “Struggle” will need no struggle to win the hearts of viewers from every generation.

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