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NMC Chief Warns for 15 days Lockdown if Violation Continues

Tukaram Mundhe

In the two days declared by Janta Curfew, the NMC Commissioner was seen announcing that if the violation continues, he may think of extending it for two weeks. All thanks to the rising cases in the city for the fatal virus called COVID 19 in Nagpur, the city admin decided to impose a two days Janta Curfew in the city. The moment the two days lockdown was announced, it did create some panic in the city as people were seen coming out to stock their basic essentials for the weekend. 

Although it was announced that the basic services will remain open and people were seen ignoring the rules of staying at home and staying safe. The panic also kept people to neglect the social distancing rule along with others as the market area on Friday seemed flooded with people. The NMC chief further said that if the situations continue the same way, then they will think of having a two week’s lockdown in the city. 

He then appealed to the people of Nagpur to follow the rules and help them in supporting the war against the virus in the city. So, far the cases in the city have increased in a big way. They are forced to take strict action against the people who continue to take things lightly. As per the Nagpur Live reports, the city may face 15 days lockdown if the result of two days janta curfew is not going to work or people fail to follow the strict curfew in Nagpur. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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