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NMC Repaired a whopping 34,000 potholes in City

Roads in Nagpur in a bad shape

Nagpur Potholes
Nagpur Potholes

With roads in bad shape all over the city, thanks to unprecedented rains falling since a month, and the ongoing construction taking place, we hear the Nagpur Municipal Corporation or the NMC has repaired not less than 34,786 potholes. The civic body has fixed the potholes from April 10, 2016, to July 31, 2019, which happens to be the hot mix department of NMC. The department claimed that they disclosed this number under the RTI act, which was raised by the activist Abhay Kolarkar.

The said department, which carried out the pothole repair, however, failed to give the precise date of expenses in the said work. Rather, it claimed that the RTI activist has got the data from Zonal Offices. Also, the RTI activist claimed that earlier the same department has disclosed the expenses, which is not the case in the current inquiry. All thanks to the irregularities witnessed in the department’s functioning. Before Monsoon, the said department fixes potholes right on time for the wider roads once they obtain the survey report on an annual basis.

The concerned department also repairs more than 12-meter roads, which are repaired daily. It is the responsibility of the agency to fill that up. The department also claimed that it has exposed the low and poor quality of the road repair. Despite the claim of the department, the roads keep on falling in quality. With the low-quality potholes are more likely to emerge that further pointed out fixing 34000 potholes in the said period of time. However, it was reported by the media as to how agencies like NHAI and PWD of the state have shown their shabby work for the road repair.

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