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NMC Starts Encroachment Drive along Nala walls

Lots of hue and cry have been made against the unauthorised constructions along the nullah walls as these have been the source of adding pollution in the water flowing in it. As per the latest move by the civic body – NMC chief has ordered the removal of the illegal construction taking place in the said areas. Mr. Tukaram Mundhe, the chief of Municipal Commissioner has commenced the drive removing the slums located in the said areas.

As per reports, the slums consist of pucca houses, huts and even 2 and 3 floor structures along the wall of the nala. These are now being removed by the NMC officials. These structures have further damaged the nala walls to a great extent making things vulnerable in the area. In fact, in most of the places, these walls are on the verge of falling down. The NMC chief has ordered the concerned authorities to carry out the required survey of such structures and remove the same.

As per the Nagpur Live reports, the survey part is over and now the removal of the illegal construction has been started. They have started the removal from Adarsha nagar slum falling in Lakadganj zonal area. This area has become too vulnerable, hence the NMC has started the work. The slum dwellers here in these areas have constructed 2/3 storied pakka houses. So far 4 of the pakka houses have been demolished by the NMC’s anti-encroachment squad. 5 more houses in the area will be demolished as they built their home along with the wall without taking any sanction from the NMC.

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