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No major impact of new covid forms has been observed

However, the cases of coronavirus remained negligible during this phase. Last month, only one infant died in the Nagpur district.

Nagpur: The same area has not seen any major impact of the new COVID forms at all, especially after the recent festival rush and the rush during the onset of winter and after the emergence of XBB and Omicron lineage forms in about 12 specimens from Vidarbha, It was also feared that the number of cases may increase by the end of the month of October or the beginning of November.

no major impact

However, the cases of coronavirus remained negligible during this phase. Last month, only one infant died in the Nagpur district. A total of eight cases have been registered in the district even in the first two days of the month of November. In the month of October, Nagpur reported more than 200 new patients including one death.

At a time, there is absolutely no need to hospitalize more than five patients in a COVID ward. While no major private hospital has seen new admissions of coronavirus patients at all, testing in all laboratories has also come down drastically.

Dr. Prashant Patil, Head, and Professor, Department of Medicine at GMCH Nagpur, has said that while the severity of the disease has reduced, the recovery is being done faster in the admitted patients. “For the past few months, only four or five patients need to be admitted to our Covid ward. These patients are not so serious. Oxygen support is rarely needed no covid patient was put on a ventilator during this period. We are following the same treatment protocol that was issued during the first wave.” he said.

Most of the patients came with a vaccination history

Dr. Prashant Patil has said that the severity due to vaccination is less. “Most of the patients came with a vaccination history. Coronavirus casualties are still very rare. Unless there is co-morbidity, shortness of breath and uncontrolled diabetes, or high blood pressure, the coronavirus is not affecting patients much at all. Sometimes we see that a COVID patient comes late, but that too is manageable so far.” They said.

Dr. Harshvardhan Bora, an internal medicine expert at KIMS Kingsway Hospital said that people have also realized that this disease is very mild. “It is like the common cold right now. The young population is not at all eager not to get tested anymore. People also know that they have been vaccinated and that the disease is self-limiting.” They said.

Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed, Director, Crescent Labs, said that only international travelers are opting for the RT-PCR test. “A few preoperative patients also come for the test. Overall, no one is testing positive at all,” They said.

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