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No More Khau Galli Next Day as Chor Bazaar Flourishes

Just one day after the Khau Galli was inaugurated with 32 stalls along with the Sagar Lake, the very next day it seemed to have disappeared from the space. All thanks to the Chor Bazaar, which is always there on Saturday for decades in this place. The food enthusiasts that reached the space to explore food the coming day felt that they were cheated for not being present there.

The reasons were simple, most of their spaces were encroached by the Shanichara Bazaar encroachers who have been found at this place since long. We have been seeing this bazaar being installed every Saturday and has been in place for ages. Even the construction of Empress Mall was unable to get rid of the market from this place, forget about such small-time Khau Galli that can do anything against them.

The residents feel that the civic body was hasty in its decision in bringing out the Khau Galli on the place. They alleged that they came out without any proper preparation. The guards at the location informed that people that it would take some more days to make things usual for the food stall there. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. If you have anything to share, do let us know and we are pleased to get the update from you.

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