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Potholes Still Haunt despite the HC orders

Nagpur Potholes
Nagpur Potholes

Bad shapes in roads, potholes and many more similar issues have been haunting the citizens in a big way. Despite the fact the High Court has ordered verbally to accept as many complaints on potholes as possible, we still see this issue haunting the citizens like anything. In fact, it has remained the manifesto of many contestants of the elections found in the city. However, the party in power seems to be avoiding this topic.

The political parties particularly the BJP has raised the national news like article 370 and other security issues that have remained the part and parcel of the manifesto of the BJP and have been luring the citizens of Nagpur in a big way without actually caring for the issues like potholes and bad roads. Also, the issue of Ram temple has been touched and exploited by the ruling party in a big way to attract the voters.

Even though the Traffic Police and the concerned department of the same have raised this issue in a big way after the High Court has raised it in a big way to accept complaints on this. They are not registering more than 100 complaints daily but little action seems to be taken at the end of NMC. On the other side, the HC has now passed an order saying that Potholes are to be fixed within a week or they would going to face the action from the courts. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, till then you can comment below and let us know.

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