Rashami Desai Told Arhaan Khan, He Was The Reason For Their Failed Relationship

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Rashami Desai seemed to be very upset by Arhaan Khan due to a number of mis happenings going on between them.

In the past week, Arhaan had a conversation with Shefali Bagga and he told her (Shefali Bagga) that Rashami Desai was on road in 2015 and he was the one who has helped her make her career. He also told Shefali Bagga that because of him (Arhaan) Rashami Desai accepted the proposal of this show.

On previous Saturday, three guests came inside the Bigg Boss house. Rashami Desai’s brother also came and told her (Rashami Desai) to seriously think over her relationship with Arhaan.

Salman Khan also gave a clue to Rashami Desai that she had to think over her relationship with Arhaan Khan. Salman also asked Rashami Desai about the keys to her house. Rashami Desai told him that she gave her keys to Arhaan. Later on, Salman told Arhaan about the rumors that Arhaan’s family was living in Rashami’s house. Arhaan denied to accept this and he even told Salman that this was not true.

Rashami was very upset after listening to all these things. Rashami Desai told Arhaan that after this show, Arhaan had to clear all the things between them.

Rashami Desai also said Arhaan that he made things more complicated in their relationship. Rashami was very upset will all that is happening around and Arhaan was the reason for the same. Rashami Desai also questioned Arhaan on why he said their personal things to Shefali Bagga.

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