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Really Is Nagpur A Good Place To Live ?

This can be a tricky question to ask, but the answer would depend mainly on the priority of one person to the other. But generally speaking, the answer is positive to this question. Yes, Nagpur is a worthy place to live. There could be many reasons to prove this fact and some of these are as under:

Fewer People vast area – Nagpur is big in terms of the area when we compare other developing cities of the state including Pune and Aurangabad. Space is not a problem in the city, hence except the hardcore commercial area, congestion is less in the city. Most of the areas are known to have good space and ambiance making it a valuable place to live.

Low crime rate – The crime in the city is low when compared to the other cities in the country, thanks to the peace-loving people in the city along with proper law and order. This also makes the city a worthy place to live.

Moderate weather – Except the harsh summers, which is mostly during the summer season in April and May, the weather remains cool and nice making the city worthy to live. The winters are the coolest time to live in.

Nice People and Culture – Despite being the urban one can find the people and culture of the city nice and loving that make people feel happy and dignified giving another reason to stay here.

Great education hub – Since it has some of the best schools and colleges in the city, Nagpur gives yet another reason to be feel good to live in.

Wrapping up

These are just a few reasons to prove that Nagpur is really a nice place to live. So, what more reasons you want to settle down in this place.

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