Salman Khan Blasts on the contestants, Reveals About Arhaan’s Child to Rashami Desai

On the 64th day of Bigg Boss 13, the host Salman Khan had a blast over the contestants as the contestants made a high level of violence in their previous week inside the house.

Salman commented over all the contestants that they are ‘idiots’. He had a very bad mood because of the behavior of the contestants inside the house. Rashami Desai complained to Salman that she doesn’t want to be a part of this show as she had a fracture in her finger due to unnecessary aggression and anger that prevails inside the house.

In this past week, there were four serious injuries happened to four contestants.

Rashami Desai claimed to Salman that Shehnaaz pushed her and that’s why she had an injury on her finger. She said Salman that she doesn’t want to live in this house.

Salman as an answer to the same replied to her that everyone inside the house has one or the other time pushed someone in this house. So, if she wanted to go out of the house everyone had to go outside the house.

Later on, Salman Khan came into anger and said Arhaan to tell something about his family.

Arhaan became very tensed hearing the words of Salman. As Arhaan didn’t reveal much about himself, Salman told Rashami that Arhaan had a wife and a child too.

Rashami Desai became absolutely shocked to hear the words of Salman. She looked towards Arhaan emotionally broken and asked him why didn’t he (Arhaan) ever told her such a thing.

Salman had a blast over the contestants and even asked Bigg Boss to open the main gate of the house dictating all the contestants to leave the show.

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