Shallu Narula And The Glory Of Her Barinchild ‘Creative Hatti’

Do you know that a company called ‘Creative Hatti’ is doing a great job in the vector graphics market these days? The company’s founder, Shallu Narula, with the help of her team, has taken this company to this label. Let us tell you that ‘Creative Hatti’ is the best place to find Indian graphics images and illustrations. They produced graphics and illustrations based on classic stories such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata; They developed personalities based on legends about Indian gods and goddesses and famous personalities.

In the last days of college, Shallu Narula started this company with four friends with dreams in their eyes. Working with the same hard work, through this company, not only business but patriotism, religiosity and our Indian culture were included in the mascot vector. At the same time, Shallu says that her team members also have a big contribution in taking his company to this point, who not only contributed to Shallu’s work but also motivated her.

With the growing success of ‘Creative Hatti’ the company’s owner Shallu herself explains that the company started with only vector cartoon characters before introducing the following examples to incorporate Indian culture into their mascot vectors.

* Festive Bundles, where character designs promote the various festivals and many celebrations that take place in India, which are mostly known to the locals.

* Vector character bundle, where the designs offer the cultured attire and activities of people from all parts of the country.
* Indian nationalists and freedom fighters are narrating the story of India’s freedom struggle.
* The most respected and famous figures from Indian mythology and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata recount India’s ancient past.

* Realistic vector illustrations of celebrities, stars and religious figures from around the world.

You can visit the company website by clicking on . The company is much active over LinkedIn as well .

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