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Sitabuldi Police Station at Variety Square, beautified

The walls and precincts of Sitabuldi Police Station, located at Variety Square, were beautified on Sunday morning. Nearly 60 members from I-Clean Nagpur who are working tirelessly for Swachh Bharat, did the job of cleaning and beautifying the police station. SHO and senior P. I., Shri J N Rajput joined them along with many people working at the police station.  They all participated actively in the activity followed by photography and selfie session.

Previously, this square was known for Variety Talkies and many people would be able to relate with it well. The Civic administration is being supported by the team to make a implementation on the ban of plastics. On many spots, the message has been painted. Periodical drives are also undertaken by the members to educate not just the local and street vendors but also the common man about this issue. Plastics are damaging not just the environment but also the livestock too and this menace needs an urgent attention.

General public is supporting the clean up drive. NMC is also actively participating in these drives and providing a support, with providing the equipments as well as manpower for easy removal and disposal of the garbage that has been collected. There are no age barriers and people of almost every age group are actively participating in the drive, starting from 12 year olds to those who are more than 65 years old. This is the 196th spot of the I-Clean group and they have recently completed their successful five years of formation.

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