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Team led by PI Hiwre Comes Out as the best team

Police is striving hard to end the crime cases with their efforts. The city was in shock last year when everybody heard the news of a gruesome murder. The police was taken aback when they found the body of a young man that was cut into pieces, packed in the sacks and then thrown away in Gandhi Sagar lake. Although, it takes time but Police manages to catch the culprit anyhow. The police team lead by PI Narendra Hiwre manged to solve this case.

The team has been awarded as the Best Investigating Team of Maharashtra Police who succeeded in solving this case. Also, the team has been awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000 and a certificate of appreciation for the same. They were awarded by Director General of Police. The PI was with the Crime Branch when the case was handed over to them for solving. A total of 500 CCTV camera footages were checked to catch the culprits. They took the help of medical science to put together the body of the deceased for identification and recognition.

The whole team had nothing in hand, not a single proof but just the body to find out the murderers. However, they managed to find them by hook or by crook. The team checked for all the missing complaints of the city. Next, they went for the DNA test for further confirmation. Finally, they found out that the deceased is Sudhakar Rangari from Jaripatka, aged 28 years old. Padmakar Bhotmange and Rahul Dhapodkar were found to be the culprits. Hiwre is also named as the Best Investigator at State Level.

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