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Testing is being done but there have been 0 cases in 7 districts

Nagpur daily tests have dropped by more than 1,000. But due to the low number of covid cases, the number of high-risk contacts.

Nagpur: 7 districts not reporting any new Covid cases, especially after ramping up testing to some extent. In Gadchiroli, Akola, Buldhana Washim, Bhandara, and Gondia, often no new covid case has come to the fore. And yet, all of them have more than doubled their testing on Wednesday. Of the total 7,654 tests in this region, around 4,500 were from these districts.

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Nagpur’s daily tests have dropped by more than 1,000. But due to the low number of covid cases, the number of high-risk contacts and close contacts is less.

In Nagpur, 4 covid cases have come out from the city and 2 from the rural, and 1 from the outer district. At present only 44 covid cases are active.

Washim: Neither any new covid case has come to the fore in this district on Wednesday, nor has any covid patient been cured. The active case tally in the district is at 4 only. This district has conducted 219 tests in a day. No one has died.

Gondia: Even after examining 539 samples in this district, no covid case has come to the fore. There has been no discharge or death in the district, while 7 cases are also active.

Bhandara: No new covid case or even a single patient has been reported to be discharged. Because of this, only one case has become active. This district has done only 415 tests.

Akola: Not a single new case of covid came to the fore or even a single covid patient got cured. Active cases in the district are up to 10 while 325 tests have been done.

Gadchiroli: Neither any new covid case has been registered nor any covid patient has been cured. There are also 3 active patients in the district, 548 tests have been done.

Buldhana: There are 7 active covid cases, although no new covid case has been registered nor any patient has recovered. This district has conducted 356 tests.

Amravati: A total of 94,574 have been reported in this district on Wednesday after the recovery of 4. In which no new covid case has been seen. The number of active covid cases under treatment has come down to 7 with no deaths.

Wardha: On Wednesday, 1 out of 443 patients reported covid positive, due to which the total number of cases has gone up to 49,427. No death or recovery was reported.

Yavatmal: No death is reported in this district. Only one covid positive patient came from Pusad. The district’s toll stood at 1,788. 14 active covid positive patients are also under treatment. And the administration has received about 527 reports out of which 1 was covid positive. Out of 72,939 positive covid patients, 71,137 have been cured.

Chandrapur: On the detection of 2 more covid cases, the number of active covid patients has increased to 15 on Wednesday. There was no recovery or casualties. A total of 1,190 tests have been conducted in the district during the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 7,64,472 samples have been tested, out of which 6,73,902 samples have been found to be covid negative. The caseload of the district has increased and has increased to 88,856, the total recovery amount is only up to 87,298. The death toll from covid is up to 1,543.

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