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544 covid widows, 2,200 orphans to be helped under ‘Mission Vatsalya’

Tehsildar who has been made Taluka Pramukh of 'Mission Vatsalya' team. And the collector has also asked to give a report after holding a weekly review meeting.

Nagpur: A total of 544 women, who lost her husband due to coronavirus, Along with those 2,200 children who Had lost both their parents or one of their parents during the covid pandemic, He is highly expected to get personal support from a team of government officials in the taluka in every way under ‘Mission Vatsalya’.

mission vatsalya

District Collector whose name is R Vimala. She has also urged the taluka level officers to ‘adopt’ 1-1 orphans and give them all possible help and support, under the mission. And she has also directed the Tehsildars to ensure that Taluka level teams are fully prepared to help orphans and widows with the help of counseling, coordination, and communication to ensure access to government schemes and benefits.

Tehsildar who has been made Taluka Pramukh of ‘Mission Vatsalya’ team. And the collector has also asked to give a report after holding a weekly review meeting.

‘Mission Vatsalya’ was started by the state government to extend support to the victims, especially the widows, who have been affected by the onslaught of coronavirus. And because the viral infection has made a huge impact on the socio-economic fabric of the society, In which even the families earning enough of the families have lost their lives. Along with this, children have also been brought under the purview of this mission because their futures were facing some uncertainty after losing one or both of their parents.

Provide Various Assistance

Whereas the orphans of the coronavirus disaster had been declared beneficiaries of monetary schemes of central (PM Care) and state government funds. And nothing was declared for the widows. Officials have also said that coronavirus widows can also get monetary benefits from several government schemes like Indira Gandhi national widow pension scheme, Indira Gandhi national old age pension scheme, Sanjay Gandhi niradhar anudan yojana, and Shravanbal seva state pension scheme.

Child Development Department and Divisional Deputy Commissioner of Women whose name is Ravindra Patil. He has said that children and women also find it very difficult to submit the form, fill them and attach the relevant documents to take advantage of any scheme. Ravindra has said that a team under each taluka will also work on a mission mode to provide various assistance to the coronavirus widows and orphans in terms of availing government schemes and benefits. This is just like the service being delivered at their doorstep. He has also said that the efforts of Women and Child Development Minister Yashomati Thakur played a very important role in starting ‘Mission Vatsalya’.

According to an official source, special fee waiver letters were issued to about 161 coronavirus orphans. Which the Education Department will also take up with private schools and institutions to ensure that their dues are cleared. About 63 children have been issued coronavirus orphan certificates. Whereas about 44 beneficiaries have got domicile certificates with the help of ‘Mission Vatsalya’. The administration of the district is currently aiming to ensure that domicile certificates are issued to children below the age of 3 years on a priority basis.

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