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Woman Tries To End Life At Futala Lake

Suicide At Futala Lake
Suicide At Futala Lake

Futala Lake of Nagpur is famous for its beautiful view. One can be at peace sitting there and having a soothing sight of the lake. Thursday night however, witnessed an act of bravery at the famous Futala lake. The Futala lake which is a center of attraction for the younger generation in the city, saw two of its youths saving the life of a woman and her two children bravely.

The incident happened on Thursday night when a woman jumped into the lake with her children. Her daughter is seven years and her son is eleven years old. However, luck had something else stored for her and life wanted to give her another chance. Two youths at the lake did not give a second thought and immediately jumped into the lake to save the three of them. The two youths are Amol Chakole and Arvind Baghel who acted bravely at the time when the incident happened. The woman is 37 years old and is known to be upset of her situation. It is being reported that she was frustrated because of the arguments and was a victim of domestic violence by some of her relatives. Troubled of her situations, she decided to take the extreme step and end her life along with her children.

Gittikhadan Police reached the lake soon after the incident to investigate. Zone 2 DCP Vinit Sagu also reached the spot with them. The woman and her children were provided with warm clothes. The woman was counseled by Woman Police Sub-Inspector Choudhary. The husband of the woman was informed and told to take the three along with him. The two youths who saved the life of the three will be felicitated on coming to Republic Day, as reported. The DCP announced that the youths acted bravely and they will be felicitated on 71st Republic Day.

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