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Attention Needed For The ‘Flawful’ Flyover At Katol Chowk

The flyovers have just made our lives easier by allowing us to travel from one end to the other in few minutes. Our ride becomes convenient one if we have flyover to be crossed on our way. However, a flyover with flaws can prove to be equally fatal. The recently constructed flyover at Katol Chowk made open to the public on January 10 has some flaws that should be considered.

The Y-shaped flyover has made rides easy for people travelling between Samvidhan Square & Katol Road Square and Samvidhan Square & Mankapur Square. Many flaws in the flyover have been overlooked by NHAI. There is a lot of traffic at Kamptee-Wardha Road between LIC Square and Samvidhan Square. The flaws needs to be corrected and there is a requirement of safety measure on and around the flyover. Undoubtedly, the flyover is saving a lot of time for many people.

Just halfway through the flyover and one can clearly spot vehicles going by the wrong side. The flyover intersects with the Katol Road side flyover near to the Anjuman College. There is definitely a need of divider at this point. Also, the need of the dividers can be clearly seen at start and the end of the flyover. The flyover starts at the Samvidhan Square and ends on Mankapur Square and Katol Chowk. Parking of vehicles near the flyover should be prohibited. The corrective measure should be made and CCTV cameras can be installed for people driving on the wrong-side of the road. Traffic lights should also be installed to manage the traffic and prevent accidents.

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