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Two-wheeler Rams Into A Truck, Youth Dies

Bike Accident At Nagpur
Bike Accident At Nagpur

Accidents have been the biggest cause of increasing mortality rates; especially in the 21st Century. The number of deaths occurring due to road accidents is ever increasing. Many warnings have been issued by the traffic police and many signboards have been put up alongside the roads but public simply chooses to ignore them. When it turns out to be fatal for any of their loved ones, that’s when they realize the importance of all these things.

A youth died on Wednesday after serious injuries on his head in an accident. The deceased was on a two-wheeler numbered MH-31/DJ-8135. The youth did not recognize the stationary concrete mixer alongside the road. The indicator of the truck (MH-40/BG-4046) was switched-on. The rider was riding the two-wheeler with such a speed that he could not control on recognizing the stationary vehicle. He rammed his bike into the truck suffering grievous injuries. The incident happened on Wednesday night. The truck was parked on Wardha Road near Puran Dhaba.

The youth hit the truck so badly that the injuries turned out to be fatal for him. He was admitted to Swami Vivekananda Hospital in Khapri where he sustained to his injuries. The doctors declared him dead later. The case is been looked after by Beltarodi Police who are investigating further into the matter. The deceased youth has not yet been identified by the Police while the driver of the truck is on-a-run.

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