Top Five Best Cryptocurrencies of 2021 That Could Change Your Luck

As for the coins in the entire crypto market, there are more than 10000 crypto coins available here. However, still many people do not think of any other option other than bitcoin to invest in it.

As for the coins in the entire crypto market, there are more than 10000 crypto coins available here. However, still many people do not think of any other option. Other than bitcoin to invest in it. Today we are going to tell you about the Top Five Best Cryptocurrencies.

1) Bitcoin

Market Cap: ₹69,258,347,892,070

top five best cryptocurrencies

Of course, if we talk about investing in Cryptocurrencies. Then Bitcoin (BTC) is the first option. It is the ruler of the entire cryptocurrency market and in today’s time. Bitcoin comes first among the Top Five Best Cryptocurrencies.

It is the first cryptocurrency in the whole world. Launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. And in today’s time, its price reflects its eligibility to be the best cryptocurrency.

This crypto coin is the digital currency with the highest liquidity value. Which is fully decentralized, global and peer to peer. Despite the volatility of the crypto market, this cryptocurrency coin is more stable than any other coins. The popularity and demand for this digital currency BTC is highly expected to grow even more rapidly in the future. And even the acceptance of bitcoin by many companies for payment underpins. Its claim to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Makes it even stronger.

2) Ethereum

Market Cap: ₹30,128,453,151,723

five best cryptocurrencies

Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency in the world according to market capitalization. Ethereum was started by a 20 year old young man Vitalik Buterin. Which was online in the year 2015 with 72 million tokens through crowd funding.

Ethereum is a Decentralized Software Platform. It based on the Blockchain Technology. Which uses an exchange for all consumer cryptocurrency transactions, also called Ether. If spoken in the simplest language, then it is a computer made up of many computers. Who looked after each other.

The main reason for it appearing in the list of 10 best cryptocurrency is its growth of 500% this year.

3) Binance Coin

Market Cap: ₹5,377,425,357,207

The next number comes in the list of 5 Best Cryptocurrency of 2021. Binance Coin, which is currently the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is a crypto coin working on Ethereum based blockchain technology.
Which was launched in the year 2019 by the founder of the company, Changpeng Zhao, Binance Coin.

The identity of the Binance coin is also made. Due to the high transaction speed. And its popularity speaks for itself at its current market price. Which is increasing day by day very fast. Due to which long term investment. In this coin can prove to be a profitable deal for all your people. This digital currency Binance Coin is starting to be officially accepted in many service providers such as hospital and travel industries.

4) Cardano

Market Cap: ₹5,285,983,380,015

Inspired by the name of Italian Polymath and Mathematician Gerolamo Cardano. This cryptocurrency is an affordable. And is gaining popularity very fast. Cardano was started by Charles Hoskinson. Who was also the co-founder of the crypto coins Ethereum and BitShares.

It is working on “Ouroboros Praos protocol” based Blockchain technology. Which means having 2 blockchains instead of one. In this, one’s work is to get the transaction done. And the job of the second blockchain is to enable smart contracts and identity entitlements. Due to this feature. It makes transactions many times faster than Ethereum, Bitcoin. According to Charles Hoskinson, it uses third generation blockchain. Whereas the first and second generation blockchain is Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively.


Market Cap: ₹5,071,580,720,101


USDT which is also called tether tether was launched. As a stable coin in cryptocurrencies. And at the time of launch. It was determined that its price would remain equal to one dollar. After coming to the Crypto Market. When the question was asked to the creators of USDT. What is the secret behind it being called US Dollar Tether (USDT).

Then he replied that he actually said that a Tether Currency is made of one US Dollar only.

And is equal to one US Dollar. But as of 30 April 2019, Tether Limited’s lawyer explained. That one (USDT) is equal to the price of tether – 0.74$.

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