iPhone 14 leaks you need to know, until it comes in 2022

The latest iPhone released by Apple in late 2020 included iPhone 12 Mini (2020) — $729. iPhone 12 (2020) — $829. iPhone 12 Pro (2020) — $999. iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020) — $1099. The next handset from Apple is going to be the iPhone 13 range, with improvements and certain betterments here and there. Apple iPhones have more or less set the standards since forever. What excites them most this time, however, are not the iPhone 13 sets, but the release of iPhone 14 in 2022! Here are some of the features that won’t make it to the 2021 handsets.

iPhone 14 Leaked Picture. Pic Courtesy: Technizo Concept/LetsGoDigital)
iPhone 14 Leaked Picture. Pic Courtesy: Technizo Concept/LetsGoDigital)

iPhone 14 will be eliminating the notch

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo let it out that the iPhone 14 will be eliminating the notch. Kind of late in the game because plenty of other android phones have let go of their notch years ago. The rumors have it that the iPhone 14 will only have a punch-hole for the front camera. It is however unknown as of yet, where the front sensors will go. Nevertheless, Apple always has a plan.

iPhone 14 glasses

The Apple glasses that have been rumored around will merely be frame-holders to let an iPhone slip into, a la Google Cardboard. The fact that iPhone 13 is not known to have this functionality, we can only assume that the iPhone 14 will be the Apple gadget that allows this function.

Ditching the infamous iPhone cables

The MacBook laptops were the first to use the Magsafe moniker as a seceded charger. According to sources, this will be reintroduced in Apple’s handsets and the iPhone 14 will most probably be the pioneer in the range. This means Apple will finally be ditching its infamous frail IOS cables. However, if Apple somehow comes up with C-type charging cables, it would surely be another curveball.

Price? The iPhone 14 Pro price could start at $999 / £999 / AU$1,699, which is where the iPhone 12 Pro’s cost starts. The iPhone 14 Pro Max might then begin at $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,849, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

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