Fruit Prices Soars in City as Festival Comes Close

As the festive time comes, it is usual to see the cost of fruits and vegetables inflating in the market. That’s not new, we have been watching this trend too often and every passing year. Like the previous year, 2019 is certainly not an exception for the Nagpur citizens. The festive season of Navara started with the incessant rains but as the weather now has seen taking the right shape, the market is still hampered a lot. These factors have even inflated the cost of fruits in the market.

The scarcity of fruit in the market is also one of the key reasons why this year, the cost has been inflated a lot. The fruits are available in the city at a whopping cost, which is basically for these two reasons. For instance, the banana costs 50 a dozen, which barely cost 20 to 30 rs in the city. The soaring price of the fruits seem to be adding holes over the wallet and the pockets of the people getting overburdened by the food and fruit cost inflation.

The other fruits like apples, papaya, and others also seemed to be available at a soaring cost. However, the rise in the cost in the food and fruit does not really have hampered the festive mood as we can see people still celebrating the navtra and coming festivals with great enthusiasm and zeal. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. Till then you can comment below and let us know more about it.

Mohd Khan

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