City Gear up for Festive Time This Weekend with Crowded Market

As we gear up for the next festive time of the most awaited festival called Diwali, we see people are busy preparing for the same. The festival of lights often celebrated in the spirit to celebrate the victory of good over the evil taking down lessons from the Hindu God Ram beating Ravana, has been celebrated for years. This time also marks the return of Ram to his birthplace Ayodhya.

Now, if you look at the city particularly the commercial areas and the market, these remain the most crowded ones on the eve of the festive time shopping. People are seen shopping for dresses, sweets and many more things. Come Diwali and we see the overhauling of the home as they are painted with new color and things are cleaned and put the things in the perfect order.

The schools are likely to shut down for the Diwali vacation allowing the kids to have the best time for the exam. Also, with jam-packed shopping areas, things are difficult even to move in the market. Be it Itwari, Sitabuldi or Jaripatka, every market seems to be packed. Colorful shops, with massive lightings and so on, the city seems to be enjoying the best time for gearing up for the festival of light. Stay tuned to know more about it and do share your experience of shopping and preparation for the festival by commenting below.

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