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Tough Time in Nagpur as the city temp Soars to 46.5 Degree Celsius

Nagpur Temperature
Nagpur Temperature

With the tough months of May having higher temperatures in Nagpur, we see things turning from bad to worse as the mercury soared to 46.5 degree celsius. Yes, you heard it right, the city temp has soared to an incredible way. Like the previous year, the temperature has gone up crossing the mark of 45 degrees. This has piled up another set of problems for the people of the city as they are already locked inside their homes bearing heat.

Even the temp on Saturday seemed higher with the temp raising more than 45.6 degree with raising to 46 degree celsius. Interestingly, the same month has proved to be the lowest in terms of having lesser temperature as it remained within 22 degree celsius as well. The past few days have been tough on the Nagpurians and would appear to be on the higher side.

As per the Regional Meteorological Center or RMC Nagpur confirmed about the same and went to issue a warning for the heatwaves in the city in the upcoming two days. As per reports, the Met Department was seen reported with the maximum temp in the city, which is expected to cross 44 and 45 degree celcius in the upcoming week. The people of the city are therefore advised to stay safe and remain inside for two reasons to beat the heatwaves and to honor the norms of lockdown 4.0. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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