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Urged district collectors to push vax drive

Due to the special campaign run in the division under his guidance, an increase in the rate of vaccination has also been reported.

Amravati: Amravati divisions of Buldana, Yavatmal, Washim, Amravati, and Akola districts have performed exceedingly well after the deadline of November 30 for people to take their first dose of covid expired on Tuesday. All these Divisional Commissioners whose name is Piyush Singh. Due to the special campaign run in the division under his guidance, an increase in the rate of vaccination of covid has also been reported.

urged district collectors

Piyush Singh said Still very less than the target and with this, I have asked all the district collectors to carry forward the campaign to complete the target of the first covid dose by the date of 15th December.

It has also been said that they are still far below the state average. District Washim and Amravati are very close to the state average in the first dose of covid and in the second dose of covid, the district Washim is much above the state average very early.

Get Vaccinated Against Covid

He has made it clear that now we need to strengthen this campaign even more in the coming fortnight and at the same I have asked all my collectors to pay good attention to it. And we are not going to take any drastic step in any way to force people to get more vaccinated for covid. And it can result in a reaction. There will be neither any fine nor interruption of ration in any way.

“The results and measures have been very good so far and we are going to take them forward this fortnight even more strongly,” he said.

He said that fear of a completely new version will motivate people to get vaccinated against covid.

He has also said that ASHA workers are going from house to house and are also urging everyone to remove their jaws. And they have also been provided facilities near their own homes in urban and rural parts.

Piyush has also said that instructions have also been given to all government officials and employees to present the vaccination certificate of covid.

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