Vikkas Manaktala called Shiv Thakare a ‘donkey in the face of a horse’

We are talking about Shiv Thakare! the contestant is currently one of the most popular players of the show.

In the latest episode of reality show Bigg Boss 16, Vikkas Manaktala was evicted from the house. The actor entered the show as a wild card contestant but unfortunately, his journey came to an end very soon. However, it also looks like he hasn’t quite left the happily ever after.

vikkas called shiv donkey

We are talking about Shiv Thakare! the contestant is currently one of the most popular players of the show, but it also seems that Vikkas Manaktala is not impressed at all. Both Shiv Thakare and Vikkas Manaktala have clearly taken the wrong step as the latter has called the Bigg Boss Marathi 2 winner’s game very dirty. The Ghulam actor also called Shiv Thakare a donkey in the form of a horse.

On Krishna Abhishek’s show, The Big Buzz, Vikkas Manaktala was quoted as saying, “Shiv Thakare looks very cute and innocent but inside he is very bitter, he is very smart and clever, he is fooling the audience by pretending to be innocent. He bullies a contestant until they do something violent and go against the rules and then plays the victim card. I think it’s a very dirty game.”

Vikkas Manaktala then went on to say that how his target was never Shiv Thakare, but later deliberately created some conflicting situations. The actor said, “He thinks he is doing well and his game is getting stronger, but I think he is a donkey in the face of a horse. There were occasions when I was joking and he tried to make an issue out of it. Shiv Thakare was never my target, he was trying to provoke and provoke me by making silly issues, but I didn’t intend to fight with him.

However, Vikkas Manaktala has his own favorite in the reality show Bigg Boss 16 as well. In a Twitter interaction with some fans of the show, they have spoken about whether they would like to see Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary or Abdu Rozik win the show. It is going to be very interesting to see which contestant’s journey ends in the show next week.

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