Why is Essa Ismail Merchant’s Legacy Important?

On January 4th, Essa Ismail Merchant published a blog titled ‘Advanced Computers – a legacy of over 25 years’. This blog focused on his life with the brand ‘Advanced Computers & Mobiles India Private Ltd’, and gave insights into his journey with the telecom industry.

This article answers the questions, ‘who is Essa Ismail Merchant?’, and ‘Why is his legacy important?’

Mr. Merchant is a seasoned industry veteran, and then so much more! He’s known for bringing in names like Blackberry, Alcatel, Lenovo, Philips, Motorola, HTC, LG, and many more to India and give them brand recognition in the Indian consumer market. He’s had strategic partnerships with the aforementioned brands and has helped them gain a foothold and a strong market share.

His brand, Advanced Group, excels in providing distribution solutions and is known for its foothold on both online and offline channels for sale of smart phones, feature phones, tablets, and digital accessories, and Mr. Essa Ismail Merchant, has been the driver behind this success and strong brand presence.

So, although his legacy is important, what’s even moreessential is that the success formula behind these strategic partnerships is now being shared. That’s right – now purposes itself as the website that allows you to gain life lessons, advices, inputs and observations from the eyes of this industry veteran.
Here’s an excerpt from his blog-site, “I’m publishing this blog with a hope that my voice reaches to many others who I’m able to inspire and advice. This is my gift to the world and a treasure trove of all my experiences, advices, and lessons I’ve learnt throughout my life. Owing to my experience as the Managing Director of Advanced Group, I’ll try to make it business related mostly — so that my friends, colleagues and several new entrants of this industry can understand where I’m coming from and what I have to give.”​

With the cult like following that it has, the blogs are definitely a must-read to gain insights and highlights from this personality.

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