Yahia Hawwari: A Successful Entrepreneur Known for his luxurious lifestyle and investment capacity

Yahia Hawwari
Yahia Hawwari

Yahia Hawwari is merely 33 years old but his business runs in three big domains: construction, real estate and education expanding in three nations. He is a successful businessman who is not just wealthy in terms of money but also experience and expertise he has to run his multiple ventures smoothly. He leads his life with a fine balance between elegance and perseverance. Well, the young man has come a long way before establishing himself as a competent entrepreneur. He all started when he left his  Computer Engineering in between in Cyprus.

He was there for a few years away from his family before he returned to Jordan taking back loads of enthusiasm and yet again after his brief stay he again headed to the United States. This is where he commenced his journey taking his foot right in his first venture after working in his family business for a few years. He put all his efforts and time and his commitment soon paid his back with rich results. In his personality, he has two key elements – his knack of doing business and his dedication that attracted many towards this young man.

He was able to add his influence with his fashion style and managed to attract too many eyeballs to his iconic shoes and watches. Soon he was famous for his style and people started following him calling him a guy with a wide range of watch collection. His super rich lifestyle with more than 35 expensive watches made many question as to where he got these? His collection of watches range from Iced-out Rolex with Arabic dial, bust out watches in baguettes and Flower arrangement and the one from Jordanian Royal family signature to name a few.
Soon people started calling him an entrepreneur who has put his money in unusual and unexpected things. His investment then went on on different expensive stuff and he is seen posing more than ten single digit licence plate numbers, which seemed to be applauded by one and all. Although the business of license plate numbers is a popular business option in the Middle East but having a single digit number around a decade before was the matter of luxury as it used to be unaffordable.

Soon he was able to buy a number of license plates with million Dollar cost much more than the real values of the cars. He
believes in the mantra – no guts no glory, which makes him a courageous investment businessman.

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