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2019 had a lesser noisy Diwali Claims Reports

Just when the city along the wold celebrated the festival of lights, we came across the reports that suggested that as compared to the previous years, the Diwali in Nagpur was less polluted. The Air quality seemed at the better side when compared to the earlier Diwalis of Nagpur. Thanks to the rain gods what washed away the plans of people bursting crackers all night with its heavy shower in the city. Although the vendors and local traders have to bear the loss but now we see things going smooth.

As per reports, the Diwali in Nagpur has turned less noise when compared to the previous years. In fact, it went down by six decibels when compared to the previous year’s figure. In order to confirm the same the state body called Maha Pollution Control Board often known as MPCB seemed to monitored this year at ten different locations in the city during the festive time and they have found some interesting reports.

The nosiest place in the city during the festive time of Laxmi Puja was Deshpande Layout in Wardhaman Nagar, which recorded 74.3 and the next day as 73.1 decibels of noise pollution. The residents of East Nagpur too were seen with the similar issues. The Civil Lines encountered very fewer decibels when compared to the previous years. However, the activists have their own stories to tell. Well, you stay tuned to know more about this news and others only with us.

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