Alokozay Groups Signs RAMIZ KING for Beverage AD Campaign


RAMIZ King MTV, months before he debuts with India on Love School 4, RAMIZ enters Bachashem (Bigg Boss).
Being the first official Reality TV star of it’s kind in Afghan industry entering Afghanistan first ever Big Boss type of show, RAMIZ is the only one in the industry which is followed by millions of Afghans worldwide to be famous for his reality and sources confirm RAMIZ pitched and Co-produced Afghanistan first reality big brother show along with a team of creatives and dared to introduce a new form of entertainment by showcasing the reality of Celebrities and individuals which is yet never to be done and he creates a new niche for himself as a Reality TV star.

Pepsi finds and sources RAMIZ through this creditability that RAMIZ brings a revolution to Afghans and Afghanistan and can make an impact in the history. Pepsi brand and drive is revolutionary impacts and RAMIZ King is the only one bringer of change in the conservative media industry of Kabulwood.

Pepsi co. Signs the 2021-2022 contract with RAMIZ king for Afghanistan and soon to shoot campaign, ads going to be Action packed in the streets of war torn Kabul and will aim at the Tagline, tasting the revolution of soft drinks. Alokozay Groups and Jalil Alokozay is thriller to bring new youth icons such as RAMIZ whom are loved in two major industries, India and Afghan to engage the youth and birth of an new idea.

Sources confirm alokozay groups and Pepsico are later seeking to hire RAMIZ’s fellow Celebrity friends such as Aryana Sayed whom is branded strongly along RAMIZ in his rise.

Idea is in place for a major 6 artists collaboration to take place in end of 2022. Now we can wait for RAMIZ to take on all the billboards and soon to create a new channel of sales and viewership through the Youths.

What do you think the ADS will be like for this campaign? Sources say it’ll be on a War like placement featuring the Military and war torn setting and is focused on being a Revolutionary stand for Afghanistan & Afghans worldwide. We as Bollywood can’t wait to see the quality and concept this AD represent and hope it’s an international AD with no Language barrier so we can See Ramiz MTV debutant impact and influence back at home, KabulWood.

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