An Interview With Tarun Rao: A Singer, Actor and YouTuber

Tarun Rao
Tarun Rao

Today we are going to meet Tarun Rao, who started singing at the age of 15! Now, He loves singing and has a channel called The Royals. His journey is inspiring, so, let’s begin with his introduction.

Lets Start !!

Hello Tarun! Could you Please give us a brief introduction about yourself ?
I’m a professional Actor and singer from Haryana with big dreams! I started singing and acting at the age of seven and I have done singing classes and learned a lot of type of music like classical , semi-classical & many more! While learning singing, I participated in many competitions and won prizes, also I got the best honor award in my school. Also I am fond of cricket a I have participated and won many tournaments. I have my own YouTube channel and one of my songs has also gone viral.
Which type of singing, do you like the most? And why?
I like to sing all kinds of songs but classically song I like the best because There is a different kind of intoxication in it, if the person who sang the classical song will sing any kind of song.

Would you like to give some advice to today’s new singer ?
I am still struggling but have never kept any expectation from anyone. All I will say is never to give up your passion. According to me Passion is not enough, you also have to work hard towards it. And there will come a day when success will surely come to you.

Well, that’s all in this Interview of Tarun Rao. It was an inspiring one. You should follow him on Instagram and YouTube to watch out some amazing content and melodious song.

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