Arhaan’s Ex-girlfriend Blamed Arhaan Khan, Revealing the Truth of their Marriage and Money

Arhaan Khan has become the most controversial contestant in the history of Bigg Boss.

In an interview, Amrita Dhanoa (Ex-girlfriend of Arhaan Khan) has blamed him that Arhaan is a fraud person. She said that Arhaan cheated her. She said that Arhaan took some money from her and he never returned her money back. She also said that Arhaan had made a promise to her that he will marry her soon but, he didn’t do this.

Amrita confessed to the media about their love story. She said that, ” I met Arhaan in a party, it was in 2006 through a common friend. He was after me from the time he saw me at the party. We were kind of attracted to each other. After six to seven days he just came to my house with his luggage and everything. He told me that he had some problems with his house and he doesn’t have money so can you support me? That time I was staying in Lokhandwala. I told him see we can do one thing we can take another flat till the time you are not earning enough. So, that is when we shifted in together and we were in a live-in relationship for around five years.”

She said to the media that Arhaan is an opportunist person. She also showed the letters and greeting cards which were given by Arhaan to her.

She was very angry and also gave a message that Arhaan is also trying to play with the life of Rashami Desai in Bigg Boss house so, she should remain vigilant.

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