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Be patient with childrens after school reopen: Doctors

Experts also say that many children may also show underlying anxiety, panic, or depression disorders from sudden changes.

Nagpur: With schools re-opening for classes 1 to 7 from the date of December 1, doctors have advised that teachers and parents need to be patient with their childrens due to this infection. Where they will all be coming out of their comfort zone after a gap of almost 2 years.

patient childrens

Experts also say that many children may also show underlying anxiety, panic, or depression disorders from sudden changes. But these issues can be easily resolved with proper monitoring and consultation. He has also said that children can also show fatigue and lethargy, for which some time should be given to those children. Doctors have also observed that a very large number of children are also likely to be happy when they are back in school.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist whose name is Dr. Pritam Chandak. He has said that schools are not only places of academic learning but also centers of emotional, cognitive and social development. He has also said that we had to start all over again someday. Coronavirus is not going anywhere, because of this we have to modify ourselves. There should be no hesitation of any kind in sending all the children to school. As we used to be patient with all the children in the time of online schooling. Now is the time to give all those students time to return to normalcy. There is a dire need of teachers and parents to be totally patient with them. And for so long he didn’t have a structured routine at all. For this reason, they may not suddenly adjust to the previous discipline. Even for adults, it took too long.

Online learning is not lifelong

Dr. Pritam has said that All the students are still in their comfort zone. It is a thing in the mind of all those children that all those children have to stay at home now. And all the time they only have to play and they do not have to study. Children can also show a lot of stress and anxiety with the sudden resumption of school. If these are at a very mild level, then a conversation between school teachers and parents can be of great help. If the performance of any child is getting affected, then he needs the help of a child psychiatrist or psychologist very much.

Psychiatrist Dr. Suleman Virani has said that children, teachers, and parents are all going through anxiety right now. “Many parents and teachers still want to reopen because the news of a whole new strain is making them very anxious. There is a dire need to tell all the students that this system of online learning is not lifelong at all. Now with the permission of the government, this is an opportunity to go back to regular schooling. And about interacting with friends, they should be told about the benefits and participation in extra-curricular activities can also motivate them a lot.”

Dr. Suleman has said that parents take their frustrations out on their children. When they do not live up to the expectations. He has also said that he needs to remember that it is not just her children. But they are all going through the same situation. If this school is reopening once again, then do not expect the students to come back on track from day one and follow the timetable along with the punctuality. Give time to childrens.

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