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Vidarbha has 50%+ second dose coverage only in Bhandara and Gondia

Coverage of the second dose is important to complete this vaccination and provide full protection to eligible people from very serious illness and death.

Nagpur: The data released by the health department of this state shows that only 2 out of 11 districts of the Vidarbha region, Gondia, and Bhandara, have crossed the 50% mark in coverage of the second dose of coronavirus vaccine.

second dose coverage

Coverage of the second dose of covid is very important to complete this vaccination and provide full protection to eligible people from very serious illness and death.

Wardha, Bhandara, Nagpur, Washim, and Gondia districts of the region also have better second dose coverage than Maharashtra’s overall average of 42.3% compared to this state average. And in all other districts also less than 40% of eligible people have taken a second dose of covid.

Also, it is almost impossible for this region to achieve 100% vaccination by the date of 31st December.

However, the second dose coverage of the division of Nagpur is much better as compared to other parts of this state. And Deputy Director Health, Nagpur Division whose name is Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal. He has said that this has been possible through joint efforts. Apart from more than 50% coverage of the second dose of covid in Bhandara and Gondia. District Nagpur has also covered almost 50% of adults with the second dose of covid. Gadchiroli is the only district where the second covid dose coverage is less than 35%. And we’re working on it too.

Organized one cycle rally

Collector of Bhandara Sandip Kadam has said that this district has always been in the top 5 in the state. Awareness and cooperation by the local people have made district Bhandara the first district in Vidarbha to achieve more than 50% of the vaccination coverage of the second covid dose. And we also hope that very soon it will cross 65 percent.

However, the situation in the district Amravati division is also worrying. Except for District Washim, none of the 5 divisions in the district has more than 40% of the coverage of the second covid dose at all. In the divisional headquarters Amravati, only 31.1% of the population is covered by the dose of the second covid. Which is less than the tribal-dominated Gadchiroli. District Yavatmal is at a low of 30.57% while the Divisional Headquarters of Health Department Akola has covered only 31.1% of adults with the 2nd Covid dose.

Akola Collector Neema Arora has said that the administration is taking all necessary initiatives to promote the vaccination of covid. She has said that we have organized only one cycle rally on the date of 4th December. There are also some programs and crowdfunding going on for the rural population.

District Akola Resident Deputy Collector whose name is Sanjay Khadse. They have said that the number of second covid dose coverage will increase in the second half of the date of December, as some people have taken the first dose too late.

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