Bigg Boss 13: Netizens Take Over Slamming Shefali Bagga’s as ‘Shameless’ concerning Personal Attacks On Aarti Singh

Netizens have often come in the picture pointing out the wrong doings of even the celebrities. Similar happened with the Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Bagga! Internet has been slamming her for spoiling her own name, making personals attack on Aarti Singh just for winning a task. It hasn’t been even a week and the Internet has filtered their villain from the popular reality show Bigg Boss 13 as Shefali Bagga.

Shefali is a journalist-turned-celebrity who has created her spot on Thursday’s list of trends after performing a task inculcating personal comments on her co-contestant.

Performing the ‘Hospital Task,’ Shefali had to drive response from her co-contestants Aarti Singh and Rashami Desai – which she even though successfully did but, fell posing herself on the troll board. Netizens weren’t impressed by the way Shefali Bagga completed the task, especially by discussing the topic of Aarti’s divorce.

Arti Singh has remained to be quite a well featured artist on several shows like Maayka, Waaris and Udaan. The talented actress recognized her defeat and got up from her wheelchair as Shefali Bagga started blabbing on the topic of her failed marriage and divorce.

Twitter users since then have launched a troll against Shefali, writing, “Shefali Bagga is getting too personal.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “What is this? How can someone comment on anyone’s personal life just like for a game that’s not fair. Arti is a strong matured and sensible but that’s does not mean anyone comments her personal life it’s a shameless thing.”

Another user said, “What the hell is this??? how can someone comments anyone personal life just like for a game that’s not fair Aarti is a strong matured and sensible but that’s does not mean anyone comments her personal life it’s a shameless thing #BiggBoss13
— tanya hossain (@tanyahossain2) October 2, 2019
“Shefali is disgusting”
— Saloni shah (@saloni_Shah06) October 2, 2019
“Total torture & Personal issues will be dragged now. #BB13#BiggBoss13”
— (@Desi_Psych) October 2, 2019
“Shefali has ruined her own game. She seems to be genuine person though but after getting nominated she is scared that’s why trying all these stuffs. Honestly never thought she wld hit so low just to win task.”
— Anamika (@CuteAnamika1) October 2, 2019
“Was it really necessary for #ShefaliBagga to talk so low with #ArtiSingh ?”

“She talked about Arti’s divorce, which is so not a partof wat hapend in #BB13

Sincewhen going personal with other hms is allowed even in task?@BeingSalmanKhan#BiggBoss#biggboss13pic.twitter.com/PhSctt1HKs”
— ChetanaBB_fanNo Diplomacy (@ChetanaBB_fan) October 2, 2019
“#ShefaliBagga that was such a low mentality
arti singh was right she just wanted point by hook or crook
no humanity#BB13”
— Disha Bhatt (@Disha_V158) October 2, 2019
“So #ShefaliBagga said she didn’t mean what she said in the task.
So listen Shefali – You are the cheapest, Meanest, loud speaker and arrogant contestant in this season. You stooped very low today. Your loud tongue shouldn’t have talked about Aarti’s Divorce. #BiggBoss#BB13”
— M@nk€$h (@Epigrammatist_) October 2, 2019

Before she started her brag on the divorce thing, she alleged of her being in a relationship with co-contestant Siddharth Shukla. Shefali had earlier even called Siddharth and Aarti as ‘lovebirds’ which didn’t go well with the actress. Shefali Bagga’s partner for the task was Punjabi singer Shehnaz Gill, who also gained similar criticism on the social media for her repulsive tactical show.

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