Bigg Boss 13: Twitterati Erupted into Heated Argument Concering Devoleena-Shefali Bagga Incident

The fourth episode of Bigg Boss 13 went into an interesting featuring as Bigg Boss himself turned Shefali Bagga as the vamp of the show. She went on being the highlight of the episode with her fights and her antics. Bagga was later sidelined by the angry housemates calling her selfish.

The show started with Shefali getting teased for her gym clothes and ended with the housemates calling her selfish.

The luxury task with exchanged roles continued in Bigg Boss hospital continued. Even though, the team led by Paras Chhabra, turned patients in the episode facing unlimited tortures, but did not give up. Devoleena Bhattacharjee completed her task of eating anything she was fed, even though she vomited it all back.

As Bigg Boss asked the team to pick a queen among themselves, Paras, Daljeet Kaur, Shehnaaz Gill, Mahira Sharma and Devoleena picked Devoleena. But, Shefali Bagga was the only contestant to pick her own self for the position of queen and refused to agree with the majority. The team held a heated argument and Bigg Boss finally cancelled the position for this week’s queen of the house. The team got furious on such a nasty thing happening around.

Angry Paras told Shefali that she looks in way more bad light with her attitude now. Shefali retracts her decision, but Koena explained her that this is not how Bigg Boss works. It is now the house vs Shefali.

Devoleena ended up calling Shefali selfish and Bagga ends up trying to instigate a fight with every person of the house, which was later stopped by Daljeet and Koena stating Bagga might play the woman and victim card. While Koena tries talking sensibly to Bagga, she remains up with her argumentative nature. Shehnaaz approaches her with a supportive attitude, but soon Shefali announced that she is proud to take a stand.
Interestingly, even the social media showed quite a response on this incident. Twitter seems to be divided about every incident relating to Shefali, especially the taking-a-stand incident.

Few of her supporters showed a new side to her after yesterday’s episode, some others stated that Shefali was only being selfish. Twitter continued comparing Bagga with Priyanka Jagga and state the former will face the same fate in Bigg Boss house.

One of the comments said, “#ShefaliBagga is nominated ilsiye she is going nuts. Almost like Jagga. Annoying woman. She picks up unnecessary fights. Koena is right. She’s been doing it repeatedly. She calls Koena ‘aunty’. Khud kya hai? Despo woman. #BB13 #BiggBoss,” wrote a user, while another mentioned, “#ShefaliBagga Stand For Herself Was Much Appreciatble The First Thing I LOVED About Her.”




While Twitter stands divided about Shefali Bagga, what’s your stand on it?

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