Bigg Boss 14 update: Rubina Dilaik tears off her t-shirt for entertaining the seniors

The task “mere angane mein tumhara kya kaam hai” was a two-day long task. The members had to pose as farmers for the task. The house was divided into two teams and whichever team successfully built a bigger and pettier farm, would be safe from the eliminations. The raw materials belonged to Sidharth, Gauhar and Hina. Sidharth owned soil or mud, Gauhar had the grass and Hina hoarded flowers. In order to get these materials, the members had to impress the seniors and convince them into giving their respective items. The task started with only Gauhar’s shop. Sidharth and Hina joined in later too.

Rubia Dilaik
Rubia Dilaik

The members were seen really trying hard to impress the seniors by their antics. Rahul occasionally narrated poems for Gauhar and Hina. Jaan shaved off his beard. Jasmin and Rubina tied their hair up in one single braid. Eijaz and Rahul performed a romantic dance, shirtless. Sidharth kept asking the members to steal materials from the other teams and only then will he give them the materials. After the seniors collectively asked the members to do something to entertain them, Rubina came upfront and tore off her t-shirt and called it “fashion”. Gauhar and Hina cheered.

Gauhar is constantly impressed by the efforts put in by Rahul and said she had not expected him to be this involved. He had spelled out her initial (G) with a toilet paper roll. Rahul also did 10 laps of the pool and sang songs. Sidharth on the other hand seemed indifferent to the efforts put in by the members. Rubina asked him to lend her materials for her contribution as a commentator and cheerleader. She said she was inculcating vigour in everyone and the game. Sidharth replied how the cheerleader makes no difference in the game and they will only get the materials if they try to sabotage the neighbour’s farm.

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