“Black is love,” highlights young businessman Manzil Pathan with his All-black brands.

A few of his brands include Café Blackyard, Blackyard Automotive and Blackyard Fashion Studio.

businessman Manzil Pathan
businessman Manzil Pathan

It is incredible to know and learn about all those people who, instead of mindlessly following the paths already trodden by other established names in their industries, find their ways and create their unique niche in all they choose to lay their hands on.

What has astounded people, even more is that most of these individuals are from the younger brigade, who thrive off of their passion for their work, their commitment towards putting in rigorous efforts and their dedication to creating a success path for them in their careers. Serving as one of the finest examples here is the entrepreneurial talent Manzil Pathan.

Manzil Pathan has emerged as one of the finest young entrepreneurs in India, who now is also creating a lot of buzz beyond the nation, thanks to his growing presence and reach through social media platforms.

People who know about Manzil Pathan are also aware of the limitless love he holds in his heart for the color black, so much so that each endeavor and business of his exudes his love for this particular color.

This young man is all about the color black; thus, his businesses include Café Blackyard, Blackyard Automotive and Blackyard Fashion Studio. But wait a minute, there is more to this entrepreneurial talent that goes beyond his business astuteness and prowess. He has also risen as a dynamic and influential personality on social media with his compelling content.

Manzil Pathan’s Instagram looks like a perfect lifestyle and fashion page, where he showcases his immense love for fashion and cars. This is one of the reasons he built his automotive and fashion business at a very young age, shuttling between Hyderabad and Mumbai.

He has also immersed himself in the hotel industry, is an investor, and is an importer of branded clothes. Manzil Pathan’s love for black naturally had to extend to the place he calls home. His home is a jet-black vision, which has stunned those who have had a look into it.

Manzil Pathan (@manzil_pathan) is well on his path to greater entrepreneurial glory and aims to achieve much more in the coming years.

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